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It’s Not How Much You Work, But What You Produce When You Work

It’s Not How Much You Work, But What You Produce When You Work

It’s Not How Much You Work, But What You Produce When You Work...

It's not how much you work, but what you produce when you do work

Not the amount of time you do work matters, but what you can produce in the time you work. Huge difference! It’s not about time management. The amount of time you spend on the work is not the determining factor for high performance. You can be tired, multi-tasking, in fear, uninspired, lacking creativity, confused, insecure and doubting yourself, uncertain about priorities, interrupted, inefficient and ineffective, distracted. Even if you had a lot of time, if you had any of the things mentioned above, you probably wouldn’t be effective in delivering high quality performance. 

On the other hand, if you’re energized, highly focused, confident, inspired, full of creativity, have clarity, know your priorities, uninterrupted, efficient and effective, feeling on top of your world and relaxed: isn’t it much more likely to perform at your best? When you are at your best, you can create miracles, even with very little time!

All of this depends on your ability to optimize your energy, focus and your effectiveness to do the right things. 


Ability To Charge Your Energy

Energy is the capacity to be productive. Without energy, no matter how well you manage your time, you’d get nowhere fast. Energy works like a battery. The optimal usage of your battery is, to fully use and fully charge it, without disturbing the charging cycles. To optimally charge your energy, you need to have insight in your own energy level first. When you have insight, you can improve the areas that need attention. 

To discover what your energy level is, fill out the energy survey here


Ability To Focus

Your ability to have laser-like focus, has everything to do with your ability to change your state of mind at will and direct it towards your highest priority at will. Just like switching a light on, you can learn to switch on your focus. This is a skill that you can train. A skill that I call Mind Kung Fu, once mastered gives you full control of your life. It starts though with knowing thyself, being aware of, and understanding your thoughts and emotions. 

You are in total control over your thoughts and emotions, unless you’ve chosen to believe otherwise. 


Effectiveness In Doing The Right Things

Prioritising always reminds me of the story of a professor teaching his students. The professor held a vase in his hands during class. He filled up the vase with big rocks, until no more big rocks could be added anymore. He asked his students whether the vase was full. “Yes,” was the answer from the students. Then the professor added smaller stones in the vase, that fitted within the space between the big rocks. These smaller stones filled the vase, until no more stones could be added. The professor asked his pupils again whether the vase was full. Now the vase was surely full, the students answered “yes.” Now, the professor added sand into the vase, until it could no more sand could be added. He asked his students again whether the vase was full. The students looking to each other, hesitantly said “yes.” This time the professor then emptied his cup of water into the vase, without spill…

So what does this story tell us? The vase is our life. The big rocks, are the important things in our lives. The small rocks, and all the other things are the lesser important things in our lives. Prioritise your life, by putting the big rocks in first. The fewer there are, the more effective you will be in making the best out of them. They can’t all be big rocks. 

What are your most important things in life?


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