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The Same, But Different – Defining Productivity

The Same, But Different - Defining Productivity

The Same, But Different - Defining Productivity

The same, but different - defining productivity

Usually we hear about measuring the productivity ratio of an economy. However, what about the productivity of an individual? Try opening the business section of any newspaper and you’ll find at least one columnist reporting either the decline or improvement in productivity of a particular economy due to so and so reason. But what is this concept the entire world is raving about? Is it just what economists are paid each year to analyze in well-furnished and air conditioned offices, or is it something that might interest a common man also? Coming down to the one question: how do we go about defining productivity correctly?

According to the definition of productivity is simply the measure of efficiency of a person, machine, factory or system etc. in converting inputs into useful outputs, in short value-addition. In terms of economics, another dictionary has described productivity as an economic measure of output per unit input.

Typically books or courses on productivity talk about time management, where we learn how to become more efficient and try to get as much done in the least possible time. In doing so, we disregard we’re human beings and treat ourselves like machines—and we’re trying to optimize a machine’s productivity instead of human being's productivity. Trying to become more productive only by managing your time better, ultimately leaves us stressed, drained, unfulfilled, and can even lead to burnouts.


Defining Productivity

When you want to increase your productivity, it all starts with getting the definition right first. I have a very simple definition:

“Productivity is getting the results and achieving the goals you want.”

This not only includes work, business or financial goals, but also includes health, relational, sports, emotional goals. By becoming more productive, it should get you closer to live the life you want (a.k.a. your lifestyle). Ultimately productivity it is about life balance. What good is it, if you become more productive at work, while you're drained, unsatisfied or unhappy outside of work?


Efficiency versus Effectiveness

Let me ask you a question. Which is more important: efficiency or effectiveness? Efficiency is about doing things right. While effectiveness is about doing the right things. You can be enormously efficient at doing the things that don’t lead any closer to your goals. Effectiveness on the other hand is about doing the right things that are of value to you. Focus on doing the right thing first, then focus on getting it right.

Trying to tick off as many tasks on your daily to-do list, and squeeze as many things in a day, may be efficient. But it might not necessarily be effective. So we all should approach productivity with the end in mind. The following questions can help you decide which are the right things to do for you and can serve as a compass in life:

  • If you were at the end of your life, looking back at a truly fulfilling life, what were the 5 most important things you’d like to have happened, achieved or experienced?
  • What are your 5 most important values in life/what are the 5 most important things in life? (e.g. Family, children, love, health, integrity, career, personal development, etc.)

When you are doing the right things, you’ll also want to do it right. The art of doing it right and performing at your full potential, is described step by step in my book “ProductiviChi”. ProductiviChi teaches you how to Charge, Focus and Unleash your full productive power. You can get my book through Amazon.

- Chi Lung Yung


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