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Physical Energy

I eat healthy meals 8 out of 10 times
I drink water regularly throughout the day
I rarely eat junk-food
I eat a solid breakfast every day
I exercise 3 times a week
I combine some form of resistance, stretch and cardio in my exercise consistently
I make significant physical progress by exercising
I work out at least 30 minutes each time I do physical exercise
I wake up and sleep at the same time consistently
I sleep at least 7 hours every night
I feel fully rested after a night of sleep
I am good a sleeper

Mental Energy

I feel that solving mental challenges gives me energy
I actively look for challenges
I actively look for inspiration
I experience success frequently
I focus easily on the task at hand
I am rarely distracted
I deliberately take a short break every 90 minutes to recharge
I rarely multi-task
I derive energy from learning new things
I look for learning new things regularly
I seek out inspiration regularly
I love learning new things

Emotional Energy

I spend enough time with family/friends/loved ones
I have at least three good friends
I have a supporting environment and I support others
I am a good listener
I feel happy 80% of the time
I feel confident
I have a positive outlook on life
I have play time in my life
I feel grateful for my life
I show appreciation for others
I feel appreciated for the work I do at work
I receive enough appreciation

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